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Phonecare is a cell phone repair service company with head office in Mumbai and centers spread all across Mumbai and ouside Mumbai. It promises to bring innovations towards the present Cellular Repair Services business.

We offer one stop solution to the repairs of any mobile phones - Blackberry, Iphone, HTC,Asus, O2, Palm Treo, Nokia, Samsung, Micromax, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and all other brands. We are dedicated to provide the best customer repair experience in the marketplace, for individuals, small companies or large corporations alike. The distinctive expert services of Phonecare will make you really feel on top of the entire world. As an example, in case your cell phone fails unluckily, then there's no want to go to a Mobile Service Center to repair it.

You just need to place a call to our Helpline number. Our friendly exdecutive will guide you on phone if it is a simple settings issue. If your phone needs repair, we will take time and address and send our pickup person to you. On repairs of phone, we would again deliver back you the phone.

All of our employees are mobile business specialists, with substantial expertise in the cell phone business. Phonecare possesses a inbuilt  state-of-the-art repair service center in order to carry out work on all mobile phones.  We have a team of highly trained and knowledgeable cell phone repair technicians to deal with any number of repairs or servicing. Each of our technicians have already went through a model specific training so we are typically in a situation to provide a host of expert repair services.

Our R & D section are at the fore front of improvement and new development and that we are constantly upgrading our systems and software to so that  we can deal with the newest of cell phones in the market.. We are able to repair and un-lock almost 99% of cell phones available in the marketplace. Each of our cell phone repairs and cell phone unlocking services are also available to the trade (mobile dealers) and in addition we provide corporate services to companies. We can easily offer customized service plans to meet the needs of all cell phone repairs associated with a company.

We are specialized in repairs of Smart Phones and PDA phones like Imate, Blackberry, HTC, O2, Palm Treo, Ipaq, 9300, 9500, Nokia E series.



Following table shows why Phonecare is the complete mobile handset solution provider:

Sr.No.Ordinary Service CentrePhonecare Service Center
1Use common tools for all models, Hence makes unskilled repairing, damages body and screw of the equipments.Uses specified tools for each model and perform the repairing works scientifically.
2No idea about chip level repairing, hence damages Mother board fully.Chip-level repairing is done by using proper instruments and verifying problems by using different analyzers.
3All complaints are repaired in hardware and not bothered about software.

Phonecare tests the equipments, classify them and repairs them scientifically by using Hardware / Software or by both.

4All minor and major complaints are repaired by the same technician by using the same tools.Major complaints are referred to well train engineers and Phonecare covers a wide service network.
5No theoretical knowledge about cell phone circuits.Technicians are well trained theoretically and practically about working of not only telephones but also internal circuits.
6Probably repairing first level without risk, but damaging risk is high in chip level or software.Well equipped service center for repairing all levels of cell phone complaints.
7Uses common spare parts.Uses genuine spare parts.
870% of handsets are rejected.Less than 10% of handsets are rejected from direct customers.
950% of handsets have damage risk.No damage risk, at all.
10No idea about Software /tools/ instruments/ advanced items or sources.Various domestic and international contacts for Data, Spare parts, Tools, Instruments, Software and Advanced items.
11Just cannot repair feature rich phones like PDAs and Smart phonesSpecialization in repairs of PDAs and Smart phones
12No warranty on mobile phones repairedOne Month warranty on labour and parts




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